Arcanum Lions Club
We Serve!
  • Six New Members November 2016
  • Chicken BBQ
  • Arcanum Lions club helps family after brain surgery
  • 2017 PIE AUCTION
The Passion of a Lion

Service to others, like all great human endeavors, is built on solid efforts and sturdy convictions. As passionate Lions, we need to see ourselves through the eyes of our community and the people we serve. We need to understand their requirements and respond by exceeding their expectations. Ultimately, our neighbors, our colleagues and our fellow citizens will be the judges of how passionate we are as Lions.

We can only measure the success of our actions by their outcomes. If membership in our club is growing , if new quality leaders are emerging, if our club is receiving awards and recognition, if the number of activities that our club sponsors are increasing, if the number of people that our club serves is expanding, then you will have a true measure of our success.

There is always room for improvement. Every situation presents an opportunity for innovation. A club that rest on its laurels or is satisfied with the way things are is not sufficiently passionate about its mission.

With a Passion to Excel, we will achieve our mission.